The World Needs More of THIS!


We just can’t say it loud enough…The world simply needs more of THIS! Captain Steve Howard put a smile on this young fellas face that just won’t go away. Take a kid fishing! Leave a lasting impression that they will remember as long as they live. Get out there and LIVE THAT SANTEE COOPER LIFE!

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Fishing with KA Guide Services

Santee Cooper Life

Fishing on Santee Cooper can be fire when the conditions are right, These Largemouth Bass get mighty hefty and can be tricked in to the boat with the right lures. Give me a call today and let me show you how we do it in Santee Coooper Country! Kyle Austin 843.209.3726

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Taurus G3 Tactical 9mm Pistol

Taurus G3 Tactical 9mm

Taurus G3 Tactical 9mm Pistol: The Perfect Blend of Performance and Versatility Introduction: In the world of handguns, the Taurus G3 Tactical 9mm pistol stands out as a formidable option for both seasoned shooters and newcomers to the shooting sports. With its impressive combination of reliability, ergonomics, and affordability, the G3 Tactical offers a compelling…

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