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Chimney Island camping/fishing trip

By SanteeCooperLife | Jun 26, 2022 |

Get away from it all with a camping/fishing trip like Kevin Lakin from Palmetto Cats.

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Hot weather means hot catfish action at Santee

By SanteeCooperLife | Jun 19, 2022 |

Don’t let the hot weather get you down — the catfish action is just as hot on the Santee Cooper lakes.

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Striper season closing June 15

By SanteeCooperLife | Jun 5, 2022 |

The Santee Cooper striper season is set to close on June 15, and will remain closed until Oct. 1. And according to guide Leroy Suggs, these fish are biting like there is no tomorrow. Suggs is putting his clients on quality stripers, mainly using live herring as bait. This time of year, Suggs focuses on…

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Crappie, bream biting at Sparkleberry Swamp

By SanteeCooperLife | Apr 9, 2022 |

Sparkleberry Swamp is part of the upper reaches of the Santee Cooper lakes. The boat landing there is a little on the rough side (and the dirt road to get there isn’t so great either), but the fishing in the swamp is excellent. Some of the best crappie and bream fishing takes place in the…

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Drifting for catfish at Santee Cooper

By SanteeCooperLife | Apr 7, 2022 | Comments Off on Drifting for catfish at Santee Cooper

One species that draws anglers from all over the country to the Santee Cooper lakes is the blue catfish. And drifting is one of the most effective ways to catch them. The variety of depths throughout both the upper and lower lakes gives catfish a lot of space to roam. And while anchoring down to…

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Fishing on the Santee

By Shelley Powers | Mar 5, 2022 | Comments Off on Fishing on the Santee

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