TL Harmon kills 12-point brute

TL Harmon of Summerville, SC killed a 12-point brute that’s been green-scored at 127 inches in Orangeburg County on Oct. 12, 2023.

Harmon shot the buck from 100 yards away with a Winchester .243. He had spotted the deer in the flesh back on July 10 while scouting. He did not have any trail camera photos of the deer, and saw it only once through his binoculars.

The buck showed up in Harmon’s food plot, where the hunter was waiting in a stand overlooking the field. When he pulled the trigger, the deer dropped in its tracks.

“I saw him for the first time on on July 10, 2023. I’ve hunted him since opening day, watching many nice bucks out of this stand, waiting on him to come out,” Harmon said. “We thought someone killed him, but now that the rut has kicked in, he made an appearance and I was able to take him out.”

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