The King of Spring

Thunder Chicken Alert = There was a thunderous gobble that filled the cool morning with song and soon after fell a hammer that released the charge sending 100’s of small pellets rapidly down range. Feathers filled the air and when the last feather softly landed on the forest floor the 19 lb gobbler was down.

It was a morning filled with anticipation, one side had dreams of waking on a sturdy limb to the sweet sounds of a flock of nearby hens and the other had dreams of walking through the swamp with the king of spring flung over his shoulder. Only one side can win and on this chilly spring morning the whisper of sweet yelps from the Stubbs Game Calls Slate Oak Pot Call made the king walk away from his harem to weave his way through the Cypress knees in pursuit of a morning encounter.

The king methodically worked his way through the woods with a full fan of feathers spread wide to impress what he thinks is an awaiting hen, he spit and drummed as he turned back and forth in the glistening sunlight. The excitement is building and the gun barrel begins to dance, up and down with every pounding heartbeat. The game of chess has begun. Who will make the first move ?

The silence is deafening and the gobbler just can’t take it anymore, with a rumble he stretches his neck forward and throws out a gobble. He is at fifty yards and closing the distance with every step. Resisting temptation the hunter doesn’t make another call. He chooses wisely to leave the gobbler no choice but to continue towards the last sultry sounds that were whispered from his call.

A crow, black as night flies overhead casting a shadow over the land and lands in a nearby tree. He screams aloud “Caw Caw Ca… ” and before he can finish his last call the gobbler belts out another thunderous gobble. He is closing in on thirty yards and vanishes behind a large cypress tree, the hunter gently moves the gun to the other side of the tree and leans down to line up his sights.

Check Mate! There is nothing left to do but gently squeeze the trigger. The big beautiful bird steps out from behind the cypress tree in all of his glory and lands himself in the sights of the Beretta A400 20 Ga. The king of spring will be taking that ride over the shoulder after all. 19 lbs with an 11 inch beard and spurs just a little over an inch in length make up the stats on this beautiful bird. A glorious ending to a perfect April morning.

It’s in my blood and it’s in my soul. It’s mornings like this that keep me coming back for more. As long as I can crawl into the woods and work my way up beside a nice tree I will be a turkey hunter.

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