Santee hunter kills 622-pound gator


Brian Carroll killed a 622-pound gator while hunting on Lake Moultrie with Renegade Bowfishing on Sept. 13, 2023. The swamp lizard was 12-feet, 2-inches long. It was an exciting hunt that began as night fell, and ended before midnight. Cole Poplin and William Ard, who run Renegade Bowfishing, were prepared to stay out well into…

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Santee Style Grilled Alligator Tail

Hunter Cook Santee Cooper Life

If you’ve ever seen Farnsworth Roundtree on the road, chances are he was heading to the Santee Cooper swamps to kill a gator, or on the way back to his Pinopolis shack with one in the back of his truck. And if they’s one thing he’s better at than killing ’em, it’s cooking ’em. I…

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