Santee Cooper Catfish Stew


Ingredients: Instructions: As a passionate lover of Southern flavors, I can’t help but share my twist on a classic catfish stew. It’s cajun-inspired, with a Santee Cooper Life touch. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with my Santee Cooper Catfish Stew! So there you have it – my special Santee Cooper Catfish Stew recipe,…

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Captain Charles King aka CaptainKingfish

Captain Charles King has spent many a day out on Santee catching Catfish with his clients. This beauty was caught on cut herring, brought to the boat, posed for a few pictures and released back into the cove at Blacks Camp. Thank You CaptainKingFish for showing us the ropes and making it an unforgettable fishing…

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The World Needs More of THIS!


We just can’t say it loud enough…The world simply needs more of THIS! Captain Steve Howard put a smile on this young fellas face that just won’t go away. Take a kid fishing! Leave a lasting impression that they will remember as long as they live. Get out there and LIVE THAT SANTEE COOPER LIFE!

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Cat Ship Crazy wins Cooper River tourney

With a total weight of 79.40 pounds, Team Cat Ship Crazy took first place in the Santee Lakes Catfish Club’s Cooper River tournament on Nov. 5, 2022. Team members Phillip and Noah Mims also took the Big Fish Award with a 42.25-pound fish. Team SC Cats, made up of David Kingsmore and Glenn Suber finished…

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