Chimney Island camping/fishing trip

Kevin Lakin camped out and fished on Santee’s Chimney Island. It’s a great way to get away from it all!

Do you ever want to just get away from it all? Nothing clears the mind — or is simply as enjoyable — as getting out in nature and catching some fish. Kevin Lakin with Palmetto Cats feels the same way. And rather than dream about it, he went for it on one of the remote islands in the upper portion of the Santee Cooper lakes. It was a trip he’d been looking forward to for some time.

“I finally had the chance to do this. I took my pontoon boat to Chimney Island on Lake Marion in South Carolina. The island is only accessible by boat, which makes things interesting. I did some fishing off the bank, cooked a few meals and had an awesome time!” said Lakin.

Check out the video and see why Lakin and so many other outdoorsmen and women love the Santee Cooper Life.

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