Clara Phillips kills her first buck

You’re just as likely to find Clara Grace Phillips on the stage of a beauty pageant as you are to see her in the woods. But she’s equally at home in either place. The Summerton native killed her first deer, a 9-point buck, on Nov. 23, 2022 while hunting with her dad and brother.

Clara’s mom, Whitney Phillips tells the story:

Clara has had a front-row seat to a lot of hunting…deer, duck, turkey, coon, squirrel, etc. Sometimes she participates, but mostly she just enjoys watching and listening to all of the stories. She’s not one that likes to be too hot or too cold, so she usually waits until the temperature is just right before she will give it a go.

At the beginning of this deer season, she said that she was going to bring home her first buck. Well, she did it. She went hunting with Trey and Troy and was prepared to do the job with her rifle and a bag full of necessities (binoculars, safety glasses, Pop-Its, lip gloss, and conealer).

When I dropped her off, I thought to myself that they would be lucky if she did not fall asleep. She was wide open all day, and excited to go hunting.

Thankfully, Troy (Clara’s brother) kept me informed the entire hunt. He’s good at keeping me posted. They have so much love for each other and I am thankful that they can make hunting/fishing memories together.

Clara dropped the buck in his tracks…all by herself.

I’m not sure who is more excited and proud…Clara, Troy, or Trey? Or maybe me?!

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